Furniture for Education

Selecting classroom furniture to create effective spaces for learning & education

Education & Classroom Furniture

Providing furniture for the education environment is much more than supplying ‘crush bent tables’ and polypropylene chairs.

Schools, academies, colleges and universities are all operating in competitive arenas, so we understand working with our clients we need to help them create inspirational, effective learning environments where students want to be.

There are far more ‘open study areas’, social spaces and collaborative learning places across education establishments, that need to be stylish as well as practical learning zones. So more thought needs to be given to the mix of soft seating and table height solutions. If noise interruption is an issue acoustic solutions can be sourced.

It may be that fast re-configuration is important, collaborative areas may require furniture with write on surfaces, I.T. equipment may need additional cable management or maximising storage may be critical, all of these elements can be considered before we provide a suitable solution.

There are a number of showrooms we can visit and relevant samples can be supplied to ensure our products fully meet your needs.