DSE Assessment

Ensure your staff are happy and productive in their work environments

DSE Assessment

DSE assessments (desk, screen & equipment) are a great way to motivate co-workers and improve productivity.

Employers have a legal requirement to carry out DSE assessments of their employee’s workstations and working environment, and as it’s something which must be done it can be viewed as a negative, but the contrary is actually the case.

Firstly the people who are having the assessment feel valued and cared for.

The assessment can highlight possible problems that people are having and enable you to correct the situation and help them to overcome the issue and therefore be less stressed, more motivated and therefore more productive.

The feedback received is a good thermometer on whether you are seen as a good and caring employer who will retain staff and attract the skill sets required, or if you are suffering from a high churn of people it can also highlight some of the potential causes.

Lastly by complying with this legal obligation your reputation can only be enhanced as an organisation that has standards and who care about the environment in which their people work, and enables them to produce a fantastic end product.