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The importance of refurbishing your school

Old fashioned classrooms, ancient corridors, and equipment that predates the abacus, leaving a school in this state isn’t good for anyone! Teachers and pupils need good facilities to work and learn at their best.

Even if your school isn’t that decrepit, you still may need a quick update to keep moving with the times. Projectors on the ceiling hinder the flow of the lesson, never matching up with the whiteboard, and how is anyone meant to make anything out when watching the wheeled in VCR TVs?

If this is true for your school, you probably need to start thinking about bringing the school into 2021.

Are you still in need of convincing?


Improved results…

The most important thing in a school is the pupils. By enhancing the school’s facilities their academic performance improves. This is backed up by a University of Salford study, which found “well-designed primary schools can boost children’s academic performance.”

Many things go into a good classroom. The ease of travelling around the classroom, for example. If a teacher needs to climb over desks to help children at the back it wastes valuable learning time.

A modern interactive whiteboard also opens a world of different learning methods rather than the traditional listen and copy.


Attracting staff and their retention…

Who doesn’t want to work in the best environment possible? When teachers are judged on the academic performance of their class, they want the best set up to achieve good grades for their pupils. It’s very difficult to attract the best staff when the graffiti on the desk is older than them.


Prepares pupils for the world of work…

The workplace is awash with technology so why shouldn’t schools? Don’t be a Luddite, pupils need to learn how to use different forms of technology, not just scrolling through Instagram.

Not only that, but incorporating technology opens a world of information, allowing pupils to learn even more about the subject and the context around it.

It isn’t just about technology; different work styles can be catered for. Matching the workplace with a more resimersial design, boosting peer-to-peer learning and work discussions outside of class.


But what is the most important thing to refurbish?

The University of Salford study also determined the layout of the classroom as the most important factor in a school, above the size, specialist facilities, and other factors. So, if your school is on a tight budget, it’s best to perfect your classroom first.


Modernising your school is important to the success of it, its teachers and its pupils. So, are you convinced?

If you are, we at MBS Workplace Environments can help. We work with you to design the perfect space for your school. Our consultations and 2D rendered designs allow you to make the most of your space. Only once you are 100% happy, do we proceed to full delivery and installation, finishing the project on time and budget.

To find out more about what we offer or to look at our past work please explore our website. If you want to have a chat, give us a call. We are always happy to help.

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