DDA & DSE Assessments


Employers are keen to ensure that their most valuable asset, their staff, are safe and comfortable in the workplace and are also legally bound to do so by health and safety legislation.

The desk screen assessment (DSE) ensures staff are sufficiently equipped, informed, trained and advised how to arrange and use their computer workplace environment. At MBS we aim to support our clients and their employees by being able to carry out DSE assessment, this helps to ensure employers are meeting their legal requirements but more importantly ensuring their employees are valued and listened to.

During the course of the assessment a number of questions are asked about a variety of things which relate to the working environment as well as the equipment and layout of the work station.

Once this information has been collated, any issues are brought to the employers attention along with potential solutions so that they can be acted upon.

DDA / Disability and the equality Act 2010

From October 1st 2010, the Disability and equality act replaced most of the disability discrimination ACT (DDA) however the disability equality duty in the DDA continues to apply.

The equality act 2010 aims to protect disabled people and prevent disability discrimination. It provides legal rights for disabled people in the areas of:

  • Employment.
  • Education.
  • Access to goods, services & facilities including larger private clubs & land based transport services.
  • Buying and renting land or property.
  • Functions of public bodies, for example the issuing of licenses.

MBS can help with compliance in relation to certain areas of the workplace by providing compliant reception counters, height adjustable workstations, monitor arms plus other appropriate equipment.