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New Acoustic Panel System

Introducing the new acoustic panel system from MBS.

The panels are also designer-friendly, available in over 10 eye catching designs (Wave, Prism, Technics, Tetris, Cubism, Linear, Twig, Celeste and Splat) and over 15 colours (Tropical, Glade, Citrine, Tango, Candy, Claret, Bronze, Tan, Festival, Amethyst, Ocean, Sky, Black, Charcoal. Ash and White) that will enhance the interior of any project. In addition, these can be painted to match any corporate or design requirements.

Using 70% recycled polyester, the panels are a 3rd generation product which began life as a PET bottle.

Easy to clean, please use soap and water on specific carpet cleaner to remove stains or marks. The panel should be blotted first to remove surface spills and then cleaned gently with a soft clean cloth taking care not to rub excessively or use excess water.

Tests for Fire and Acoustic Performance have been performed.

To find out more about the designs and colour options please contact An optional acoustic panel brochure can be sent containing in depth information including a six step installation guide!

It is suitable for the following environments:

  • Restaurants
  • Schools
  • Reception Areas
  • Sports Halls
  • Swimming Pools
  • Offices
  • Instrumental sounds
  • Home Cinemas
  • The list goes on!

With the panels being easy to stall, find out how by watching this short and informative video: