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Make the most of each meeting

Meeting rooms make a massive difference in how each meeting is received. To get everyone on the same page, the last thing you want is for staff to forget everything they just heard as they step over the threshold and back to work.

Nobody wants to hold a meeting in a drab, bland room with a flickering light that produces less illumination than a dying candle. Its dull yellow hue is hardly inspiring! Not to mention the squeaky chairs and wobbly desks.

If your meeting room is like this, then it needs an upgrade. Not only to boost productivity, create a cohesive team but also to stop staff from dreading, with every atom of their being, each time they must venture near the room, let alone enter it.


What do you need to consider when refurbishing your meeting room?

A meeting room is for meetings, but what type of meetings are being held there? If it’s for board meetings or meeting clients, formal décor creates the best impression. However, if you have a creative team, the formality can be stifling, so a more fun design may be more beneficial.

Knowing your budget is vital. Nobody wants to get halfway through a build and realise they blew most of the money on a fancy coffee machine that for most of the year be nothing more than an ornament. Planning out exactly what you’re spending money on helps you avoid going over budget or investing in the wrong things.

These are the most important things to consider as it has a huge impact on almost every other decision you will need to make.


What other decisions do you need to make?

It wouldn’t be sensible to go into the refurbishment without an idea of what the finished product will look like.

The colour scheme makes a difference to the way people behave. Red, for example, concentrates staff. Yellow is creative and fun. But do you want the room also to reflect your company image? Achieving this means people will be instantly reminded of your company’s vision, philosophy, and culture.

Remove the useless light and replace it with bright LEDs, or even better, let in more natural light. This will boost people’s well-being and make them more alert, therefore, improving productivity and the chances of remembering at least some of the meetings.

Finally, in this modern world, technology plays a huge part in day-to-day life. Knowing how much you want to incorporate this into the meeting room should influence your designs. Are you only going to allow laptops and charging points or are you going all out with virtual reality? Design the room based on how you want it to be used.


How can MBS help?

We have decades of experience refurbishing office spaces, and we can help you design the perfect meeting room for you. We plan out your space with 2D designs, then, once you are 100% happy, fully deliver and install everything so you don’t have to worry!

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