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Is Resimercial The Way Forward?

Resimerical… a combination of residential and commercial.

The pandemic has made many people reprioritise and rethink what is really important to them… and a large majority of answers will be, spending more time at home. And while normal life isn’t yet returning, a form of normality is destined in the near future.

Traditional office space isn’t associated with being a hugely desirable place to be at all times, but what if we could change that?

This design has to take in numerous considerations with the employer/consumer being the number 1 priority and keeping up to date with an employer’s mindset is essential.

What does resimercial do?

Resimercial puts the well-being of staff centre stage and creates a community-driven space. With the use of acoustic materials, adding in some familiarities from the home as well as using colours and patterns closely associated with comfort there’s little for staff not to love!

Sparked through the rise of homeowners, resimercial ties a cosy home and traditional office together creating the latest office design craze. Resimercial allows for offices to veer away from individual desks and bland decor, and instead, collaborative working areas are introduced with sofas as the main form of seating as well as secluded caves for those who prefer to work alone will be introduced.

The main basis of resimercial design is community. By creating flexible and adaptable zones within a workplace, it allows for more employees to find a place that best suits their needs and preferences. With the world being a stressful place for many, resimercial design aims to keep people relaxed in the workplace and provide them with a sense of comfort and flexibility instead of the daunting pressures a desk can provide.

With the past year seeing the majority of people work from home, many employees have found their mojo working in a homely environment, with returning to the office desk appearing unappealing.

Resimercial aims to change that opinion and make the workplace an environment where people want and enjoy being. There is so much more to resimercial design than just swapping chairs for sofas… Resimercial designs should be based on what solutions will work best for a particular workforce – creating a tailored working environment rather than something generic.

Overall, resimercial designs aim to provide people with a more comfortable and relaxed working environment via the use of residential furniture and aesthetics, bringing the essence of home comforts in the workplace. Do you think a resimercial office would improve your working performance?

Specific Features of Resimercial Designs 

Now we have discussed why and how resimercial has become such a huge design trend, we now want to show you how you can create a resimercial office!

As we mentioned earlier, resimercial designs commonly use household style furniture and items. However, there is much more to it than just the tables and chairs.

At the heart of any resimercial project should be familiarity. By creating a familiar environment, people are always going to feel much more relaxed. This can be achieved through the patterns, materials and furniture that are chosen.

Materials –

The use of soft and fabric materials for furnishings can play a crucial part in a resimercial design. The use of fabric sofa’s, cushions and rugs, provide people with a sense of warmth and safety as they are items commonly seen in the everyday home. Furthermore, the use of wooden tables and features such as wall dividers can give off that rustic vibe – a fashionable style that many aim for in their own home. Mixing these two types of materials can provide that living room feeling to any workplace.

Patterns –

For most people, the word pattern translates to shapes, however in this case, colour patterns are what we are talking about. In resimercial designs, colour patterns are key as specific colours give off certain connotations and moods. It’s typical in a rescimeral design, that traditional interiors will be pushed to one side and vibrant and relaxing colours will in brought in. Vibrant reds and deep blues can feel much more vibrant and welcoming rather than drab and bland.

Furniture –

Tables and chairs can make a big difference in the workplace. Resimercial designs shy away from the conventional desk and office chairs, opting for comfier furniture such as sofas and coffee tables to provide a more relaxed feel. However, it’s the small details that make a bigger difference. Many resimercial designs tend to use an open floor plan as a great way of giving a workplace a sense of freedom – replacing multiple rooms with wall dividers that can easily be moved around – preventing people from feeling trapped within their workplace is a great addition. As well as this, the use of homely accessories such as rugs and cushions provide a sense of warmth to a workplace – overall creating a more comfortable environment.

Futuristic Office Spaces

Offices are changing, the traditional individual desk and chair are slowly fading out, with new and improved designs beginning to become more common. New offices are taking large strides towards creating a ‘living space’ for employees, with kitchens, games rooms and even gyms beginning to appear in the higher market.

Many business owners are looking for their workplace to look and feel unique – attempting to give their workplace the feel of a second home for their employees.

Bespoke offices are on the rise and we can see why! Any business owner is going to want their staff to feel at ease at work, so there isn’t any better way to do that than to bring home comforts to the workplace.

Is it time to rethink your office space?

If this blog has made you question whether you need to stick with the times and mix up your office design to continue getting the best from your employees, contact us today and whether you require, an office redesign, a fit-out or refurbishment, we can help you. Get in contact with us here.

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