How To Zone Your Office Space Effectively

Creating zones or ares within your office without putting up solid walls has become quite an art in the new modern work environment.

In many ways it has enhanced how the work space looks and feels as well as incorporating some practicality and delivering the desired affect of zoned areas for specific functions.

One example is the use of storage/shelving units :

Novus urban shelving solution

Use of these types of office furniture can enable you to separate specific work groups i.e. accounts from sales or R&D from marketing but still give the feeling of connection and openness through out the office.

Another possible solution to steer or guide people through the work place is to have vertically hanging acoustic screens:

This type of hanging decorative panel adds design to an office space as well as clealry defining a boarder between work groups or areas. There are different versions of this type of devide which can help reduce noise within the workplace because of their acoustic values.

Storage with planters across the tops of the units add colour, improve air quality, provide a practical storage solution and once again can clearly define work spaces within an office.

See the source image

These are just a few ideas which can be implemented to help zone an office. The added benefit that they provide is none of these options is perminantley fixed in place, which gives flexibility for future changes.

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