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Good times to refurbish your school

Refurbishing schools are different to refurbishing other workplaces. Unlike offices, schools have less flexibility and are constrained to major work being completed outside term time. With pupils mostly back from lockdown and working from home the timeframes to refurbish schools have returned to normal. However, that doesn’t mean you’ve missed your chance to improve your school.

If anything, emerging from a pandemic the focus should be helping pupils catch up on missed learning, and providing the best facilities possible is part of that. It’s also a great thing to look forward to, for staff and pupils!


What is the best time to refurbish your school?

With pupils returning to school there is now less time to have major work done. However, there are still half term and holidays. The best time to start planning is in the Spring, this ensures you can plan the perfect space for your school and get the work completed by the end of the summer holidays. This period tends to be very hectic so starting early will potentially save a lot of stress in the long run.

Christmas holidays are a good time for smaller projects, allowing you to add those smaller improvements that could make a real difference to pupils learning.


Why refurbish your school?

Traditional ideas of school include uncomfortable chairs, glaring lights and squeaky doors that let in a stiff breeze. Pupils learn best if they are comfortable, not only that, but pupils are also more used to working in a comfortable environment.

Schools should reflect this. We aren’t advocating sofas in the classroom and a permanently switched-on TV in the corner. We are suggesting more of a balance between individual and collaborative workspaces more akin to an office environment than rowed seating.

Doing so also makes space for technology. With computers and phones dominating adults’ work lives, making space for greater integration within educational settings is a major step forward to making pupils workplace ready.

Even without adding space for technology, not everyone learns the same way. Different spaces cater for different needs, potentially making school far more successful for far more people. Especially those that may not get along with the more ‘mainstream’ version of schooling.

Simply put, furniture and space can have a major impact on the quality of learning. A small change could make a massive difference. After all, the refurbishment should be about creating better opportunities for pupils, helping them create a better future.

Not only do you upgrade the facilities for pupils but it’s also a great opportunity to tackle those drafty doors or leaky roofs. This makes your school far more efficient, having a massive impact on your school’s budget with rising energy bills, whilst reducing its carbon footprint.


What can we do to help refurbish your school?

MBS Workplace Environments work with you to design the space you want for your school. Our consultations and 2D rendered designs allow you to make the most of your space. Only once you are 100% happy, do we proceed to full delivery and installation, finishing the project on time and on budget.

To find out more about what we offer or to look at our past work please explore our website. If you want to have a chat, give us a call. We are always happy to help.




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