Creating a Practical Urban Work Environment

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Collabarative working is very much at the forefront of how current work environments are being designed and delivered, a mix of urban, earthy design with some practicality thrown in for good measure. Work surfaces tend to have a more textured feel or look, metal work is more raw in form and finish, soft seating is less uniformed in shape, colour and design.

However amongst this more relaxed and less structured style of working environment there is still a need for some zonal control or guidance to allow for certain spaces  or areas to be used for particular functions. We have found that a great way of creating these areas without losing the informality is to use a multi function zoning system similar to the one pictured above. Forged from a steel frame and enhanced with classical wooden elements this versatile  product allows for the construction of varied work areas without the constraints and claustrophobic effects of solid walls and room dividers.

There are of course other solutions which can provide a zonal outcome such as ceiling hung panels, floor standing divides and planters to name a few.  The thing to try and do is maintain the overall feel for what has been created and if you can get some additional value or benefit as well, then thats a bonus.

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